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Cosmetic Manufacturing



Trust in your own team from Everyone here is experienced in every step of the cosmetic creation process. We go through the steps of production with you to ensure satisfaction.

Protect your formulas with  cosmetic  manufacturing processes that have the approval of Whole Foods and Sephora inspectors. Our high-grade manufacturing labs and staff provide you with the highest quality services you could buy.

Allow us to assist you in maximizing your marketing potential. Let us recommend superior packaging design and pricing strategies that ensure you gain the most profit possible.

Previous Clients Featured in Skin Inc.™,
Allure™, and American Spa™

Manufacturers are FDA Certified

Experienced in shipping products across the Globe

Current in Fee Sale Certification Requirements

Labs are Member of Independent Cosmetic
Manufacturers and Distributors™ ICMAD

We have clients that have been with us for the past 10 years helping them grow their business and stay competetive.

Build your own brand of products with help that only eCosmetic offers you as independent agents of the top labs in the DFW area.. We have  years of experience offering private label cosmetic & nutracosmetic manufacturing. Our commitment is to excel in providing you with the highest quality ingredients and creative packaging customized to your individual needs with bulk orders or turn-key ready to sell products. We will work hard to merit your business while helping your business be the success you expect it to be.


Contact us in Irving, Texas to request information about how we can be of assistance in the production of your products.